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LDP offers a full range of professional services for multinational companies which wish to open a business in Italy or already have an existent business. Our team of professionals are all English speaking and we guarantee business continuity all the year.

We support our clients in more than 100 Counties thanks to our international network, Leading Edge Alliance (LEA) the second largest international association of independent accounting firms. Please refer to our range of services listed below:
- Italian Tax
- Vat Italy accounting
- Audit
- Legal services
- Payroll Logo

LDP provides services for Multinational Companies that wish to invest in Italy. Our Clients come from all over the world and including some listed companies. Our quick roll out involves not only company formation but also the setting up of an accounting system, a reporting package, payroll and legal services, immigration, social security management, contracts of employment and transfer price compliance. This is the easiest and most correct way to do business in Italy. LDP services allow our clients to focus on developing their business in Italy thus saving time and money. Our One-point-of-Contact business model effectively and efficiently matches your requirements with tailor-made solutions, saving you valuable time and resources. LDP have a special focus also in M.&A. in particularly in providing assistance for data room, due diligence, drafting of S.P.A. and assistance during the negotiation phase. LDP will support you on every step to making business in Italy.

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